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Published: January 3, 2018

Do you run a business with a WordPress website? Or maybe you are just starting out with your business, and know that you need a website to stay relevant in today’s world. Either way, a website is only going to help your business. A website can help by simply being an online billboard, or it can be the whole platform your business is based off (i.e e-commerce). No matter what direction you go in, it is important to know that a website is just half the battle of increasing profits & sales.

Don’t overspend on the WordPress Website

WordPress websites can range in price depending who you decide to help you build your site, and more importantly what you need your website to do for your business. If you are just getting started and your have a basic business or brick & mortar, a website doesn’t need to do much, so you can expect to spend in around the $2,000 range for a decent, well built and thoughtful website. This will not include content, but any good consultant will at least help you with ideas and how to put in your content.

If you are looking to build something more custom, because you need it for your customers, or perhaps an e-commerce store with WooCommerce, expect to spend closer to $5,000 – $10,000 on up for a WordPress website, because as you add complexity, more pages, etc. the price will go up (justifiably so).

Don’t cheap out though!

Before you even start to think about your website, you should take a look at your business. Are you a new business? Is your business running, but not doing so well because you aren’t doing well online? What does actual sales & profits mean to you, if you can’t spend $2,000 just to get going online, then you may need to rethink other aspects of your business.

Of course you can find people that will sell you a fully “custom” WordPress website, or even SquareSpace & Wix website for under $2,000 but that is usually where you have to beware. With WordPress there is no way they are doing anything “custom” for under $2,000, most likely they are installing plugins and a theme, and then customizing those settings pages to make it work for you. This is where you typically see 15+ WordPress plugins installed, some of which do next to nothing.

Squarespace & Wix are GREAT for just getting off the ground with your business, and could be a great way just to start but in the end you should be weary of the website you are dealt. You will be limited by their functionality and how they operate as a business. If the platform you chose goes bankrupt tomorrow, your whole website and all the content may be lost. With WordPress, specifically self-hosted CMS, you don’t have to worry about most of that.

Last thing to keep in mind is that $2,000 is a good price for a customized website, something that is more or less pre-built but then customized to fit your business needs and styling. If you are asking for something to be built from scratch, you are going to increase your budget, but that shouldn’t be necessary unless you have a very specific business need.

Stop Worrying about the Tech

Now lets talk about demands you may have of the consultant. If you have done any research you may say “Hey, I want WordPress, X plugin to do this, and Y plugin to do this…”. However, if you were the expert in building WordPress websites, you would just build it yourself. Instead you should be worrying about how your new website will increase your profits & sales, right?

For example at ARC CTRL, when I get a new client in I do not ask “what do you want me to build” – unless its a custom development project – any business website will have to answer questions about business objectives and goals, not what plugins they want to use. You should be prepared to answer questions like

  • How many leads per month are you hoping to get?
  • What is your realistic (cannot emphasis enough) conversion rate for those leads?
  • How do you want leads contact you?
  • How do you currently attract new leads? – this is important because we can see how we can optimize existing flows

These questions are not “What can I build for you?” or “What plugins do you want?” those are irrelevant to your business goals, and that is what you should be focused on!

Save Money for Marketing

Any good business whether just starting or existing needs marketing. I have met many businesses that most of their customers come from referrals, that is GREAT, except not always sustainable depending on industry. If you really want to grow your business, you will need to spend time marketing it, and with today’s technology none of that is more important than social media marketingAt ARC CTRL we teamed up with the master of social media herself, Bridget Willard to offer social media marketing for businesses, and we believe social media marketing is important for 5 main reasons:

  1. Public Relations.
  2. Brand Awareness.
  3. Relationship Building.
  4. Lead Generation.
  5. Market Research.

To read more about each step, check out our more in depth look into the 5 top reasons to be investing in social media marketing on our website.

How much in marketing?

Marketing spend can really depend on ROI, and how fast you want to see results. There are 3 main online marketing approaches, each with different costs and return timeline.

  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization, longest time but cheapest long term ROI
  2. Social Media Marketing – This is more than just about getting leads, abut building a brand and reputation for it. Leads will come faster than just SEO, but may still take some time if you are just starting from scratch. Social Media platforms include: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest
  3. Paid Advertising (PPC/PPI) – This is done with Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and Google Adwords – get traffic FAST, and potential leads quick, but you will spend the most here.

So how much total? Again, it really depends which avenue you want to take (if not all 3), but we’d recommend allocating at least $500 – $2,000 per month on marketing to get started, and as you add things like PPC, those numbers will go up.

Is it really worth it?

Do you want your business to succeed? Think about how you find a business when you need something. Whether it is a WordPress Designer or even just home services like a plumber. For every method you take to find someone that isn’t a referral, that is money spent by that company on marketing. Most likely even referrals will trace back to a company doing marketing, great customer service helps create more referrals.

Even this very blog post, is a content marketing strategy I file under both SEO and Social Media Marketing!

Did I mention I build WordPress Websites?

Look at the big picture

It is hard to think about spending $5,000 just to get started with a business when you have nothing but an idea. However, an idea won’t grow into a real business without some investment and marketing. That is not fair, it MIGHT, but it will take you a lot longer than just saving up a bit more and then jumping in with a real budget to make sure your first sale happens sooner than you go completely broke.

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Great read. One area I am seemingly lagging is marketing. I hope to step up this year.

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