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Published: December 27, 2017

In this day in age when when you have sites like WeWorkRemotely which is a job board just for remote jobs, and other non-technical jobs are now 100% remote, do  you really need to hire a remote WordPress developer or consultant?

A Local WordPress Developer Isn’t Necessary

The straight up and most honest answer is no. I have worked for many clients that were not in Los Angeles, or even in California. One of my clients right now is not even based in the United States. WordPress developers, consultants, etc. have the privilege of being able to work really anywhere they want. Some of my friends in the WordPress community are 100% “digital nomads”, they are constantly traveling the globe hopping from one scenic WiFi hot spot to the next.

Remote WordPress Developers Shouldn’t Dictate Timezone

You as a business owner shouldn’t worry about where a WordPress developer is located because it is on them to be responsive and mindful of your time. If they are half way around the world from you, don’t let them dictate what time a meeting will happen, a good consultant will know that their time zone is not as important as their client’s. This applies whether you are around the world, or even just 1-2 time zones away.

Unless you want them in the office, even locals are remote

There are certain circumstances where you may want to bring a WordPress consultant into your office during business hours to work on the project. This could either be because you are used to micro-managing people (developers typically hate that), or you just need someone to be more hands on with your team to complete a project on time (much more reasonable). If neither of these is the case, most likely even a local WordPress consultant is going to be “remote” since they are not going to come into the office too often, if ever.

It is a good way to think about things, because many business owners don’t see it that way. Sometimes just understanding that “remote” means “not in your office” is the difference between hiring someone local or someone more qualified, but maybe a bit farther away.

There are benefits to hiring a local WordPress Developer

I just restarted my side business, a Los Angeles WordPress development consulting named ARC CTRL. When I was thinking about my advertising plan, I knew I could go broad, capture the whole United States, if not the US & Canada, and this wide net would bring in a lot more potential clients to my website. However, I knew that there was something special about only targeting local clients.

Los Angeles WordPress Developer

Supporting Local Economy

Whether you like this idea or not, there is something to be said for helping your neighbors grow in their business. Neighbors of your community, city, etc. are going to help elevate you and your business. For example many clients I’ve had in the past I then refer to others in passing, being a local small business myself, I want to pass referrals to other local small businesses.

If you are a small business, you may know the struggles of starting out, and helping another local small business is something that feels great.

Localized Value

Ever wonder how amazing it would be to live in a small town, but get paid the salary of someone in the big city? There is a reason that salaries fluctuate based on location, cost of living, is factored in. The price of goods and services also reflects based on location. If you live in a more affordable part of a country, and are looking to hire a WordPress developer, consider that a local consultant may charge you considerably less than someone from Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York City. Taking away the quality of the work, most likely someone local to you may charge you a more affordable price because of their cost of living vs. someone who lives in a more expensive city.

The In-Person Touch

I mentioned remote means not in office work, however there is nothing quite like being able to meet someone at least once or twice during the course of a project. While there are many ways to video chat like Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, etc. nothing really compares to meeting face to face. A project kicking off, project wrap up, or mid-project meeting can help you feel more comfortable with a WordPress developer, and can make all the difference. For those of you who may have a harder time explaining yourselves online and like being able to physically show your thoughts and ideas, this in-person meeting can help convey what you want better, so you are happy with the outcome

It All Depends On You

There are many reasons you may or may not want to hire a local WordPress developer, and there are many pros to it. We developers love working remote, it gives us the freedom to work where we want, when we want. As long as we are meeting your deadlines, and at least meeting your project objectives overall, then why do we need to show up every day?

However there are some challenges you will have to overcome, which I will post about in the future.


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