EZ Data – Data Gathering & Analysis

EZ Data, is a way to gather and analyze your business data. Create a grouping, send items to that grouping, and start analysis with graphs, charts, and sortable tables.

Website: https://ezdata.io

Business Growth Through Data Intelligence

Knowing how to grow your business is important we make the analyzing part easy.

Data Group

Group for Data


The main focus for EZ Data is quick analysis with pre-built solutions. Currently offered are pie charts, bar graphs, line charts, and sortable table.

data table

Sortable Data Table

pie data

Custom Pie Chart

WordPress Plugin

EZ Data has a WordPress plugin that integrates with other plugins as well as giving you the power with a PHP & JavaScript library.

The WordPress Plugin is available on GitHub currently and integrates with Caldera Forms currently.


Documentation on how to use EZ Data can also be found on the website at https://ezdata.io/documentation/getting-started/