Episode 50: Is the use of WordPress still rising, or is it on the decline?

Aired: 03/21/2017

Every so often Facebook and Twitter goes crazy because a new major company launches their site, and either chooses to use WordPress or chooses to move away from it. What does this mean? Is WordPress not rising in use like we are hearing about?

Should You Care That They Stopped Using WordPress?

The big news this week in particular was Smashing Magazine. Their website used to be a WordPress build, and one of the flagship sites that developers could boast about.

Cricket brought up a more interesting point, and that is to wonder and try to figure out why they moved away from WordPress. Usually moving away from really any platform is not because of the platform itself but the business needs have changed and the platform cannot be customized to be the bespoke solution that they need. I see this all the time in corporate / enterprise America. Why don’t more enterprise use WordPress now? Because the resources it would take to build the custom solution they need might cost less than making it with something pre-built like WordPress.

In the case of Smashing, they went to a 100% new custom approach, without a CMS as far as I can tell, and that clearly was not something they needed WordPress for.

Big Companies still use WP

For every company that is moving away from WordPress, I bet another big company is starting to use it for something. Whether is it something like Facebook’s Newsroom, or even Mercedes-Benz, many big companies are either starting to take WP more seriously, or have been.

One thing I’ve learned when it comes to large companies, is resource training time is a huge part of why WP is great. If you are going to build a content-heavy website and need to hire new resources to contribute, you do not want to have to train them on some custom bespoke CMS, you want them to be able to learn minimal custom, while getting an understanding very quickly. WordPress allows for this since so many people already use it for their personal sites (self-hosted or not).

Yas, it is both increasing and decreasing

WordPress will continue to grow as the online economy grows. It is one of the best tools to get up and running online quickly, whether you are a blog or an e-commerce site. With so many integrations with it you can easily get going elsewhere.

Shopify is a great solution for creating and managing products and sales. They take care of a lot of the “business” side of things you may not want to deal with while just getting going. However integrating Shopify items into your website is easy! There are plugins, themes, and plenty of tutorials to make the process easy.

While WordPress is increasing in this market, it may be decreasing in the medium business market. As companies start realizing their actual business needs and where WP fails them, they may choose to build something custom. If you have dealt with WordPress you know it is not always easy to get a solution to work exactly like a business may need it. No matter how much you can custom code, sometimes there are just overall limitations, or it would take longer to implement with WordPress vs. building something custom.


WordPress on the Decline?

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