Episode 064: How to make money with WordPress in 2018

Aired: 01/09/2018
Special Guests Bob DunnBrad Williams

It is 2018 already! Can you believe it? Are you using WordPress to consult in your business? Are you you an avid WordPress fan and go to meetups, WordCamps, etc?

In todays’ podcast we discuss ARC CTRL’s article How to make money with WordPress in 2018, and discuss how WE are making money and planning on shifting our own focuses in 2018 to make more, or change the way we make money.

Sponsored WordPress Content

Bob Dunn of BobWP.com mentioned he is going into the sponsored WordPress content route, allowing people to sponsor him at different levels for the content he creates. This isn’t something I’ve seen too much of in WordPress, but I find the business model interesting as many WordPress focused businesses (like plugins) will want to market to the WordPress community and having someone like Bob speak about their product is a great way to get noticed.

Products vs. Services

We didn’t talk too much about the different between offering products vs. services during the podcast, but we did bring up a few points. If you want to get into the WordPress product realm, it won’t be easy, however its not impossible. Sometimes you just need to build something better than what is already out there, or have it appeal to a new niche. Another option is to try and find something that is new and up and coming, for example Gutenberg is coming out shortly, and there are already companies putting together plugins and add-ons for it.

Service offerings won’t shift too much in 2018, over the past year or two we saw the big shift into hosting + maintaining websites as part of most people’s service offering, and that wont’ change this year, although the competition is going to get more intense as more companies offer these types of services.

WordPress is still growing! It is not too late to figure out how to make money with WordPress, and that is a good thing. You just have to figure out what you want to do and attack it. If you are going after something that already exists, you will have an uphill battle to climb, however it is not impossible.

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