Episode 041: Time Management and efficiency

Time management when it comes to web development is never easy. It is something we always plan on doing, and then end up not being able to really get a hold of. It is either that, or we get a good grip on our time, and as soon as deadlines become urgent, we throw all our time management out the window and just crunch, which may lead to other issues, or issues with other clients.

The Deadline

Deadlines are great for time management. Whether it is a deadline for your work as a developer or designer, or even putting a deadline on a client to make sure they keep the project moving along so it matches up to your overall project timeline. Creating deadlines is an easy way to keep your time management going and on track.

Just like budgeting and keeping up with your finances, it is crucially important to make sure to manage time wisely, or else once you run out of it, it becomes a lot harder to manage, but exponentially as important. The less time you have, the more important the management of it is, however at the same time, it becomes a lot harder to manage when you don’t have much of it left.

Bad Time Management

Not having good time management can lead to a number of major problems, and as a consultant this may result in a loss, or some negative reviews. The main result of bad time management is not hitting your own deadlines, or deadlines set by the client which you may have agreed to. There are only advantages to keeping up with time management and making sure that your schedule is lined up as you want it to be.

Another example that has happened to me on more than a handful of occasions is I estimate time and because I think I can handle 2-3 projects, I quickly learn that my max is really 1-2 or 1 large and 1 small at any given moment. This becomes harder to manage when a client who should be done in 2 weeks, really is done in 4 weeks. The bad side? The pipeline I have to bring on new contract work becomes harder to manage since I never really know when I will be available, or of I commit to a certain date I am bringing in a client to work on before I have the time available to work on their project.


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