Episode 029: Level’ing Up as a WordPress Developer

Being a WordPress Developer has its challenges, and most have come a long way since the first time they installed WordPress.

Artisan WordPress Developer

If you want to become a high level WordPress developer there is a path that most take. Start with the basic WordPress theme php functions like ‘the_title();’ learn what that means in terms of PHP, what the parenthesis mean, etc. Then start digging into more PHP and as you grow you will learn new things daily. If you prefer styling, then start with some basic theme changes using CSS (make sure to use a child theme), and move upwards to CSS3, and learning how to use things like Gulp  and Sass.

There are many other ways to become a skilled and sought after WordPress developer, we will talk about our paths, what we are doing, where we started, and where we want to go.

Episode Takeaways

  • NEVER STOP LEARNING, always spend some time to learn something new. Use every day work you were goin to do anyway, and turn it into a challenge to learn something new.
  • Read the code, a good way to get a better understanding of what it is you are working with, is to just open the source code
  • Learn by doing, create a project / task for yourself that will challenge you, and do it, some good beginner examples could be:
    • A jQuery Fading Slideshow of pictures, without using a jQuery plugin
    • Writing a WordPress Child Theme
    • Wiring a WordPress theme from scratch
    • Writing a basic WordPress plugin, that does 1 simple function
  • ASK the community, as you learn more, your questions will get better, but at first you will hit a brick walls a lot.
    • First ask Google
    • Then ask the community don’t let ego get in the way
  • It takes time, you wont be an expert level developer overnight. Most noted developers have been writing code for over a decade.
  • Good Places to Learn


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