Episode 027: How to Make Money Selling Freelance Work of Pre-Built WordPress Themes

How to make Money with WordPress Part I: WordPress Theme Consulting

In part 1 of our series on how to make money with WordPress, we focus on selling consulting of a pre-built WordPress Theme. How to take a pre-built theme and sell it. Many freelancers do this, it is a good way to make money with WordPress without knowing how to code. To offer more value, you can learn minimal PHP and CSS to really customize a pre-built theme. However, most pre-built WordPress themes have so many options, it is easy to create a custom look and feel without touching any code.

Many people sell this service, get a client, find a theme, customize, and sell. There are some that will share all of this with the client, while others prefer to keep it all a secret, as to not de-value their work. We will be discussing these ins and outs as well as:

  • Do you need to know PHP and CSS to make money selling WordPress Consulting?
  • How to pick a good theme to customize
  • Which themes we use?
  • Do you disclose it is a pre-built theme? If so, do you share links?
  • Where do you draw the line on “customization”?


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