Episode 026: WordPress & Nonprofits 2, Success Stories

This is an episode we’ve had planned since the beginning of February when Jesse P. told us he wanted to share his story. We got together with WordImpress (founders of the GiveWP plugin) and Marc B. to talk about success stories using the GiveWP plugin and donations.

This week we will talk share 2 success stories and how they got there

  • What were the challenges they faced
  • Why did they choose Give as the plugin of choice?
  • What else needed to be set up (i.e SSL, Stripe), and how hard was it?
  • Any advice for other developers, consultants, or non-profits who haven’t gotten into the process yet?


3 thoughts on “Episode 026: WordPress & Nonprofits 2, Success Stories

  1. I’m looking forward to hearing this podcast. We want to make it easy for folks to set up super flexible donation forms – that don’t have WAY too many fields – and allow them to focus on spreading the word and raising funds for their cause. 🙂 their success is our success.

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