Episode 002 – WordPress Consulting 2

Last week on The WPCrowd we talked about WordPress Consulting and realized it was too big of a topic for just 1 show.

This week we tackle Scope Creep and Creating Boundaries with your clients.

  • How are our crowd members doing it?
  • What can you do to help keep your clients in check?
  • How can you stop those late night phone calls?
  • Do you match plugins/solutions to needs directly in your proposals?

Take Aways

  • Shelly: “I’ll shoot you an invoice” – use it when replying to client requests so they know up front, it won’t be FREE
  • Nick: Never answer after hours, keep a secret phone number and charge a retainer (of time per month) to use to call said phone after hours. Invoice if client exceeds retainer time
  • BE PRE-EMPTIVE: Make sure your contract and SOW (Scope of Work) are both clearly defined prior to starting the work, leaving as minimal gray area as possible. Don’t wait for issues to come up to handle scope creep, make sure they don’t with a solid SOW for the project.

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